Friday, 1 October 2010

{pincushions} fingers and houses in tea cups

Just a little bit of pincushion inspiration, for those of you part of my swap - and for those of you just wanting some sweet little inspiration this morning. these little pieces are so intricate and lovingly made - almost too good to use as a pincushion; but then again - isn't it to use  and see beautiful things in your everyday life.

{cloudy and coldish on this last day of September. the sun was here this morning, shinning in my bedroom window, but has now disappeared behind a sky of mottled grey and dense and dark white}.

Finger pincushions from Victoria & Albert Museum shop. Found on Lobster and Swan.
A whole Town tea cup pincushions from Mimi K (flickr). Thanks Holly for sending me the link. 
*all images used with thanks from original source.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration Ellie!They are really great x

  2. Oh my goodness those teacup ones are amazing! Really, really lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful finds. I love mimi's work - her dolls are also just stunning !


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