Thursday, 16 December 2010

:: flying

I made these little bunting type flag things for our open studio day. So quick to stitch up - I used bias binding tape and a heap of fabric scraps left over from another project. I didn't plan or square or colour co-ordinate. I simply stitched and picked up the next fabric piece, and added it on as my machine flew down the line. It's very important to have projects that are quick, simple, with no worry about straight lines or good fits. The exact type of project my mind needed. 

:: Lately I feel like I'm flying without a safety net. Or any proper landing gear. And I think I'm running out of fuel..... I wish I was gliding more elegantly. But I'm not. I'm spluttering about. Looking for a clear place to land - there are no clear places anywhere in sight {there's patchwork fields down there, made up of fabric projects in the works, or piles of fabric waiting to be started on, lego and more lego, drawings and Christmas cards, the final bits of work I need to do before I can pack up and go on holiday, the clothes to be put away - some to be sorted & given away.}.
Perhaps tomorrow I may see a clear field to land this little plane in. Or better yet, a strong breeze may come and lift me up - from under my wings and help me soar up into the cloudless sky. Perhaps. 


  1. January, that turning over of a fresh new year, is often the breeze we need. I hope it happens for you.

    Adore the bunting! What fun!!! x

  2. Hello lovely Ellie, I think Maxabella is right it will feel fresh again soon with a new year start... I cross my fingers for you x


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