Friday, 17 December 2010

tutus + gumboots

this is what ballerina-fairies look like. when it storms she's prepared for all manner of puddle jumping.

I do believe that shoes on the wrong feet does help with the puddle jumping. {Isn't it funny that despite the 50% chance of getting the shoe on the right foot, it often ends up on the wrong one. She's most definitely getting better at knowing, but it's always the cutest reminder when she gets it wrong that she really still is my little one. who-is-not-quickly-approaching-four, thank you very much!!}.


  1. It's a great look! So cute. My kids do the same with the wrong shoe on wrong foot at a somehow greater occurance than 50% : )

  2. love the second photo.
    so much attitude!!
    i love the tutu/gumboot combo. Been seeing a lot of that around here too!!!
    love you muchly xxx
    my new email is
    i've been hacked...

  3. She's a doll! Love pre-school fashion-styling.... wrong-feet gumboots and tutus can't be beaten, I say.

  4. Wow. She looks adorable!

  5. Fairies in gumboots are my favourite kind. Gorgeous photos!

  6. She's very cute and charming, I wonder if fairies really look like her :) Happy New Year!
    Sherman Unkefer


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