Friday, 4 February 2011

{crochet} Stanley Rabbit & Little Doll

These two little ones sit on my windowsill, just above our bed in our new little house. My mum made the sweet little doll, a long long time ago {when I was a girl, so perhaps it is 20-25yrs old}. she has a little hat as well, which is still packed somewhere. Both the hat + dress need repairs, for which I feel inadequately skilled - so it's a no kid touch treasure.
Stanley Rabbit was made by, and given to me (while on our NZ holiday) by the delightfully fun and craftily amazing Kate {greedyforcolour.blogspot}. He's the sweetest little guy, with his hands in his pocket and a shy little sideways turn of his foot. I have not let either kid claim him!

The dress below was also made by my mum (creative, multi-skilled, artistic woman she was). I would guess it to be not too far off 30yrs old. It fits (about to turn) four yr old Mish. I'm sure I wore it year round, with longs under it in Winter. {perhaps I will find some photos in my dads photo draw at some stage}.

Little spots like this, in our tiny house are proving to be important and necessary. When most of our belongings are packed away in here (see below) for the next year or so, we're all trying to carve out spaces of 'self', while living so 'cosily' (or cramped!) in this one-room house.

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  1. I couldn't think of a better friend for Stanley to be with. I love hearing about this year in your life - I know I am being greedy but I want more and more and more. Love Kate xxooxx.

  2. Sometimes it's hard to find your own space in a small shared space. It's funny though...I'm not sure how we'll all go once the house is finished...small as it is it seems almost luxurious in size! Hope you're enjoying it all so far :)


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