Saturday, 5 February 2011

{weekending} watching, exploring, enjoying

Slowly, little bit by tiny amount, things are settling into a sort of routine around here.
Mornings on our little verandah, watching the early sun creeping through the trees, settling on the leaves and branches. Straining our necks while we watch the teeny little 'red-brown finches' flitter and flutter, building little nests for their late Summer babies. We can't wait to see how tiny the babies will be - the adult birds are only 6cm or so.

The weekend is upon us {first week of school + preschool successfully completed - Mish asked to go back to preschool today!}. We have plans for ::
> cutting the long Summer grass - think Sam with the big brush cutter strapped to his chest.
> reading and drawing ideas for our new vege garden plot - lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, greens.
> pouring over the bird book; kids learning local birds, me remembering the birds of my childhood.
> swatting march flies, and learning to live with mosquitos.
> swims in the beautiful creek - no need to get the shower set up when there's creeks nearby!
> rearranging + sorting the shipping container; I'm itching to open my tubs of fabric, get out some hand stitching for these long Summer nights.
> many moments of sitting, looking, listening, enjoying, almost disbelieving that we are here!
{top image is Mish's watercolour of our new garden plans. Blossom tree, purple 'petunip' flowers, and an empty chicken/chook pen, and she declares they're all hiding.}

** all photos taken with phone camera.
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  1. Anonymous7:47 am

    hi ellie, i'm new to your blog and i'm enjoying hearing about your new digs. sounds wonderful. are you guys living in a sea container? i'm intrigued. sounds like an idyllic lifestyle for you all. thankyou for sharing!



  2. I am also interested in hearing if your creating a Shipping Container House.


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