Saturday, 29 October 2011

hello saturday

This is where we're at this week.
+ Lots of beautiful calendulas from the garden - they continue to bloom and grow, and give me enjoyment.
+ Some screen printing of new designs for some sewing that will be done next week (fingers crossed). For my upcoming Christmas market.
+ A few beautiful rainy misty mornings - the clouds tumble over our mountains so spectacularly.
+ Gathering and collecting from the garden - enough for one meal at our dinner table. The greens (lettuce + silverbeet + japanese spinach) continue to feed us each night.
+ There's been some bread baking with a rye sourdough starter. I'm experimenting. And enjoying the results.
+ Some crochet, using t-shirt yarn. A had a little class with Helle of Gooseflesh this week. It was fun. She's so inspiring and her stitches are amazing.
+ Sam has been working on his skateboard jewellery pieces, for the market. Enjoying the handwork.

Enjoy your weekend my friends...... xxx


  1. Lovely photos of your life, enjoy them and it!

  2. beautiful my darling. love the edge that your new prints have! xxx
    ... that table is getting lots of use!

  3. i like your pictures.
    happy friday to you.

  4. Love, love all your activities Ellie!The screen print is really beautiful and that workshop sounds something I would have loved joining in :) xx

  5. Beautiful photographs. Particularly like the one of all your veggies!


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