Thursday, 27 October 2011

some making

Today Sam and I sat down for an hour or so of quiet makings....
Him working on his recycled skateboard jewelry.
Me working on some embroidery for making into purses.
We are preparing for a market for Christmas time, to be held at the Tweed River Art Gallery in Murwillumbah.

Learning to integrate our handcrafting work into our days and life, around school hours and no electricity. Stretching boundaries. Working with our hands. All good things.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So lovely to see all of your workings. Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

  2. Nice! I love that little kite :) Glad you are getting some time to create,the market sounds nice!Must be quite challenging not to have electricity though...Enjoy:)

  3. so lovley Ellie... Inspirational.... keep those hands working and keep those boundries stretching ;)x


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