Monday, 2 January 2012

letters for a new year

I'm still having a really hard time being at this blog. The (lack of) electricity thing is making it a stretch to be as consistent as I want. I miss it here so much. But when I get here - it seems I have nothing to say.......... Or too much that it streams into a way-to-long-to-publish post.

Hmmmmmm. I've been wondering if that can get fixed. Don't think so, at least not until we have electricity at our home. Oh well. It's not the worst thing ever, is it!

What I've been thinking is.... well..... I'd really like it if you wanted to join me in a little mystery letter writing project. I found this fantastic blog, and have been highly influenced by their mystery letters. So - I'm planning on doing some regular real snail mail letter writing this year. I want to write to you! Do you want to receive and send some real letters.

My idea is - that we each send a letter, say once a month, to someone on our list. The person won't know they're getting a letter. It'll be a lovely and sweet surprise for them. So - if you join up, you'll also receive a letter(s) throughout the year. You may receive one a month, or only one (depending on how many people join up - and how many letters we all want to post). You don't need to become regular pen pals, just send one letter to one person a month (but more if you want).
You can include other things in your letter - perhaps some stationary or stamps from your country or other similar things. But you don't have to. You can send a postcard or a sweet notelet, or a long written letter.

Join up by leaving me a comment or sending me an email to ellieabeck AT hotmail DOT com
As I want to start letter writing now(ish) I'm hoping you'll add your name pretty soon. Before the month drifts away on us (I know that'll happen to me). Spread the word on your blogs, if you like. This could be a fun reason to check our real mail boxes and not our inboxes this year!!
{Once I get participants, I'll work out the finer details and let you know the 'rules'}.


  1. hello Ellie, I am up for a bit of real letter writing, I love getting snail mail, let me know when things get started. Cheers Julie :)

  2. I love a good letter. Count me in!

  3. Not sure how good my letter writing skills are any more but count me in.

  4. i would love to join the letter-writing!
    add me to your list. :)

  5. Sounds interesting! Count me in :)


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