Tuesday, 7 February 2012

:: moment......

+ i baked some little cookies for the kids to have in their lunchboxes - butter vanilla bean. will have to make more tomorrow, or perhaps this afternoon
+ i've been making bread. today i put my apron on while i kneaded the bread. then we had a cup of much needed tea.
+ yesterday Sam + i went for a bike ride. i laughed and complained. but had so much fun. we will go again another day this week.
+ the little one has been sick. this morning she said she hates school and is bored. she's only been going for 3 days ever. oh dear.
+ we went to the beach yesterday, with my grandma. it was wonderful.
+ Sam put some of our current beach collected rocks in this wooden bowl. it's good to see it while we sit and have our coffee, tea, lunch, chatting.

I am finding small moments of happy and content. Today feels a bit of a challenge. But we are here. And it is good.
off to the bus pick up and then the afternoon rolling into bedtime. we are reading Ivy & Bean at bedtime.
What happy moment are you enjoying today?


  1. I've just requested the first Ivy + Bean book from our library, can't wait to see if we like it as much as you!

  2. Such pretty photos! Thanks for the sweet sweet comment on my blog! Hope your week is lovely. xx Kins.


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