Friday, 3 February 2012

this morning..... seeing the rainbow through the rain

This morning my alarm went off really early. At 6am. That is early for me. I know some of you jump out of bed at 5am or earlier - but I don't. And, most importantly, neither do my kids (yah to that!!). Sam and I got up and wondered why, oh why do people actually get up at that time of the day. I looked at the sky; yes, yes. I know why people get up that early. Beautiful to be awake in the morning when the early colours are starting to shine through, and the morning birds are calling.

I was up early for a breakfast business meeting in town. For some ideas to spark and start things happening. And yes - oh yes. Some good things. We'll see, of course, if it all gets caught up in red tape of local council, or if things can move along and make some changes in this town of mine. I'll talk more about it at another time.

For now I just wanted to show you my view while driving into town this morning. I felt like I could almost reach out to touch the pot of gold in that shimmery field.
It was also lovely to see Ms Helle - in all her vivacious cynical glory!


  1. Great photos Ellie - and very poignant for me right now - thanks fpr sharing (and I hope the meeting went well).

  2. I like 5am well enough when I can go back to bed.

  3. that is so early! but beautiful shots!
    well done honey, leaving the house so early. hope all went well. yay for inspiring meetings!

  4. i saw these on flickr and my "favorite" button wasn't working - but these pictures are AWESOME!!!!!
    so, so beautiful!
    i'm going to "pin" them on my little pintrest page. :)


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