Thursday, 8 March 2012

and .....

there's some big big splotches of rain falling on our roof right now. right now.
the sun was up and shining this morning. but those grey smudgey clouds are there now.

i'm writing lists - both on paper, and in my head.
but really i'm thinking about what direction, where to go, where to push and pull, and move.
that sort of thing.

suddenly it's moved into march. well - how did that happen. the year stumbling, flying along.
suddenly i've got lots happening. and need to be using my diary and calendar and planner efficiently.
suddenly i'm busy with all sorts of things.

but really i'm being slow and thinking each thing as i'm doing it. i'm trying hard to do this, to remember to do this. to focus on the one thing in front of me. trying trying.

i didn't do any sewing today. but tomorrow i will. i'll make sure i do. i'll do some crochet perhaps - right now. well, after lunch, how about.

things i'm liking around the webosphere today -
ink & spindle's new colourway range. those shorts sure are good.good.good!
the outtakes from this fashion collection, seen on sang the bird's blog
this year, some good things to do and remember from le project d.amour's blog. found on  satsuma press.
all the new work that Tiel is doing lately. i'm seeing it on instagram, on pinterest. wishing for walls (a house!!) to put something up. 
Hugo's wonderful polar bear party. oh that cake! Kate, you're an inspiration.
Sandrine, you really are making me happy, making me smile. with your words, your images (oh those flowers from your garden!).

tell me, what are you liking today.....
* that's me looking happy, with a postage bag on my head (it was such a great pattern, i was trying to work out what i could make with it).


  1. I so love this photo of you. Truly delightfully beautiful and happy.
    Yesterday i was busy, organised, efficient..... today, not so much. But i think that is ok. At least dinner is almost ready...
    Love to you my sweet xxx

  2. If I were somewhere as beautiful as you live, I'd be happy to sit still and not do anything... just be. It looks so serene.

    And I'm LOVING that photo of you - just gorgeous!

  3. I am loving your list of happy things, thanks for sharing them with us Ellie! :) Your photograph is stunning exhaling piece and happiness!
    I am glad I can also make you smile as you do too :)
    The sun is glorious this really make me smile,I discovered another pretty fabric shop today in Palm beach...colour stimulation never stop to give me energy :) Wishing you a beautiful sunny weekend lovely xx


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