Wednesday, 7 March 2012

a little making and doing

Right now I'm doing some making and planning -
:: zippered pouch purses using my new fabric print lacework/leafwork in deep teal. I like the gold metal zips I've been using. I hope to get these on the website later this week
:: more crochet - little bits here and there. Making happy little mountains and stacks of crochet goodness
:: organising the next handcrafted market at the Tweed Gallery, coming up in June
:: planning the agenda for the school P&C meeting tonight; my first meeting as the new president...
:: planning and organising and getting excited about a little popup crafty event I'm doing in town with some other local creatives. It's sure to be lots of messy fun!

The weather is cold and breezy, it seems that Autumn is here. It's sunny outside, which I am very thankful for - but I expect the rain will be back soon.

What are you doing today?


  1. Loving your creative space Ellie! Specially the layered colours on your printing. x

  2. so lovely honey. you are so busy. remember to take time to just breathe. and your new fabric is beautiful!!!

  3. i've been doing a little sewing myself, though that was yesterday, i guess.
    today i spent reading to and being with and getting liquids into a sick boy. it was pretty laid-back though. and the sun was shining in all day. :)

    and autumn for you means spring for me. that is so strange. i know it, but it just seems odd. i hope you have a few more summery days before autumn really sets in.


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