Thursday, 22 March 2012

happy making

I decided yesterday that I needed some happy making happen'.....

So - I washi-taped some little bottles. I coloured the water with paint. I gathered some flowers and the most wonderful moss, lichen, mushroom covered twigs. And I made some happiness.
{These moss covered sticks are all around in my garden. Whole trees covered with them. Wonderfulness. I saw something similar in a magazine once; these things sell at specialised city florists for $5 a teeny branch. It's like buying tumbleweed from a shop, or bamboo..... Not that I have tumbleweed, but oh do we have bamboo. If you want some - come and ask!}

I also made some little happiness bags and pouches. Pure goodness these are. Heart swelling happiness. The making of them was fun. The looking at them. And then the possibilities of what else they evolve into. That's super good. I'm learning that being creative is creative inducing - you need to make to be able to keep making. Sometimes the making isn't best, but that doesn't matter, because it makes more making happen.

So - happiness is easy to make. If you only try. The process of the making was happiness in itself, but the having and looking at and enjoying. That's pure happiness. Yah to finding some happy on these rainy, dismal days.

It's Thursday. So, here's to Our Creative Spaces today.

And in other SUPER exciting wonderful happiness making news. Look where I'm being *featured* this week - one of Brisbane's Finest Intagramers on The Weekend Edition! Super YAH!!


  1. Lovely happiness!

  2. ah. rain. and cluttered mind.
    i hope your happy making is helping to unclutter. and bring some breathing room. mental breathing room. and oh. that the rain would stop. so you can build.
    i love the crocheted star. that makes me happy. :)

  3. What a great way to spend a day - creating, and making yourself (and likely other's I dare say) happy too! :) Thanks for the positive spin on your day! :) It made me smile. Oh, and I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine (or sunshiney moments of happiness!).

  4. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I just found your blog and your crochet pebbles caught my eye. They're so bright and beautiful and would make lovely paper weights!


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