Wednesday, 21 March 2012

is it all about space......

Things are not all peachy here, you know.
Yes, sure there are good there. Really good things.
But there are other things that are sort of downers. Things that keep bringing us down, getting us down.

This rain. That's the big one. It seems the rain is dictating our life. Has been dictating our life since we moved out of the city to this beautiful part of the world. Back home. To our home.

I suppose it's sort of better than the drought this part of the country had for the many years before. But really come on!

We do not have jobs. Neither of us. We had planned, thought, assumed that by now we'd have a studio space for working in. Proper working. Real work. Being able to devote ourselves, our days to making it really work.
Lots of constant rain means no sunshine, means no building, means no studio. Means no space for working.

But apart from the no physical space. There's the no mental space. The breathing space. The planning space. The doing and creating space. That's the downer. The no mental space thing.

I keep trying to let go. And not over-think it all. And not stress about it all (mainly about the fact that we are currently living off our savings, which is meant to be for building our house!).
And I'm also trying to reign in my dreams, my hopes, wishes, wants...... Oh those wants.

How. How do I let it go. How do I continue to be content within the same small space, with the same steady downpour. How.

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