Thursday, 29 March 2012


It's been a full and busy week (again).
How about you?
Below are the ramblings of a woman whose children told her just tonight that she's lost her mind. I tend to agree with them......

The doctor confirmed today that I do in fact have Ross River Virus/Fever. There's no cure. Just lots of resting - which doesn't fit in so well with lots of busy. But my body is just simply falling asleep at odd hours of the day, so the sleep can't be helped. You get the virus from Mosquitos - and yes I live in the rainforest and it's been a wet Summer. I imagine that at least 50% of the people living in my area have had exposure to it. Quite common....

Tomorrow is Potato Day! I'm super excited for this first pop up venture with these amazing hard working women I have connected with. {here I am complaining about tiredness - B has a 3month old baby!!}.
There was talk today, between the four of us, about some wonderful and such good ideas and ventures. Oh it's good news indeed. Though lots of work.

Mishi told us about her invisible friend, Ruby. We've never heard of Ruby before. It seems she's the one responsible for some of the accidents that have happened around here lately - falling off chairs and spilling glasses of water. Both my kids are quick to jump to the "it wasn't my fault" defense.

Winter isn't here yet, but with the cold rain that keeps continuing, we've started lighting our fire. It's just slowly chugging alone. Our cat is totally loving it - he's settled into a basket Sam put there for him. I think the only time he'll be up now is when he hears the rustle of a cheese packet or needs to venture outside once a day and then run back in again.

I've decided to try and write a journal page(s) every day. We'll see how that goes. I like the idea that perhaps one day the kids can read the silly ramblings that their slightly mad mother was working through. I know I'd love to read my mother's ramblings (if I could decipher her hand writing!).

We have a beautiful little 'nature' collections set up on our table. It's just pieces I've added bit by bit. It's making me happy to have it here. Little collection of our day. So long as it doesn't turn into a pile of rubble. We have a butterfly there, she died tonight - slowly and softly letting the life energy release from her body. I felt calm and peaceful being able to watch her (I keep thinking share it - but thats my egotistical human nature thinking I'm sharing death with a butterfly. I mean really!!!).

Vague rambling over - go back to whatever you were doing before. What were you doing?


  1. you have Ross River? oh that is terrible news. My mother in law had it once. Funny, I've been feeling so out of sorts too and can't quite put my finger on my ongoing tiredness and lethargy. Mmmmm??? must go to Dr! Haven't been since early 2011 so I'm due for a check up. Take care. Enjoy Easter.

  2. Look after yourself.Ross River isnt nice.

  3. I've heard of Ross River fever but I'm not exactly au fait as to what it's like except I know the NZ authorities are pretty worried it'll make it over here eventually! I'm sure it's not very nice though, hope you kick it with the help of as much sleep as you can get! Must be good to know what it is that's making you feel so awful though.

    Hazel doesn't have an invisible friend but she has a Puffball persona which she inhabits a goodly amount of the day. A puffball is the offspring of a pomeranian father and a persian cat mother - they are boisterous, loud, slightly grumpy and given to growling, try to be fierce but are mostly adorable, and have an insane amount of energy. We've been through various puffballs in the last few months, the current resident is Raspberry, who is the baby puffball (or duppling as they're known) of the "nice puffball" and "the puffball who lives in the cupboard"

  4. 'Do whatever your body tells you whenever it tells you, no matter how inconvenient." This was the advice the Head of Infectious Diseases at PA told me when he diagonosed me with Chronic Fatigue.For this Type A, Completer, Finisher, it was a very hard lesson to re-learn.Your kids will forgive you a few months of slackness, but if you don't heed the rest & recup..... you know the story. Be kind to yourself.


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