Monday, 2 April 2012

about to bloom

i'm on the brink of some wonderfulness

these flowers bursting open in our garden are pure beautifulness
i planted them last year, and thought that was it - but they've grown up again, from the ground into full bushes. and now they have buds all over them.
on saturday morning when i walked outside there were three buds sitting there, ready to burst. with rain droplets scattered across the leaves, and sitting stuck to the full budlet shape.

and now there are all opening wide. stretching back their petals to soak up the warm sunshine we had today.

how a simple thing like flowers blooming in my garden can make me so happy and see the joy. oh yes.


  1. dahlias! i love dahlias. i had some at our old house, in my garden, red ones just like yours, and white, and yellow. i must plant some here. at the end of this month, i think. thank you for sharing pictures of yours.

  2. Lovely pictures. I hope you and your loved ones enjoynthis wonderful Easter time.

  3. They are beautiful. So lovely!


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