Thursday, 23 August 2012

about now

I feel like I'm living life in moments. I think this is good. I feel I am being ever present in each moment (though always I need to practice this more and more).
While I was driving to a friends house, I noticed a man leant over a rail with his horse beside him. I imagined him having a most wonderful conversation with his dear and loved horse, and the horse just nibbling on grass and not paying too much attention to the ramblings of a human - or perhaps loving his man spending just time hanging over the railing talking to him.
I saw the sun shining through the blossoms of a peach tree that was in full glorious bloom. The pink blossoms were glowing.
The moon as a slip in the sky. The kids say its the Cheshire cats's smile. We watch her slinking down behind the trees.
The taste of salty buttery popcorn for afternoon tea. And the bitter last sip of my green tea, gone cold with neglect.
Sam asleep as the kitchen table, his head in his hand. His elbow resting on the table. The table that I love so much. That we recused from the mud underneath our old house in Brisbane and took the linoleum top off to discover beautiful golden timber underneath. A perfect kitchen table.
The quietness of a cat cleaning itself, and sharing the space with us.
The stillness of the kids asleep in their bunk beds - mere metres away from where I sit
The strong intense wind blowing through the trees up on the hill.
The scent of jasmine in a vase on my table. Taken from my friends fence today - a scentual reminder of our wedding day; where our flower girl wore jasmine in her glowing red hair and was so happy to be a flower girl. 8 years ago before my babies were born.
Walking with my dad through the forest track, measuring the distance for the electricity to be laid. Talking at the dinner table tonight, that in one week we will have electricity connected - after more than 20 months living with no electricity at all. What a funny thought - will it change life that much for us.

These are some of the moments that I lived today.
What about you - what were your moments today?
Did you watch a bird in your garden, or the moon in the sky?
Did it rain or did the sun skins on a glorious day?


  1. What a beautiful post Ellie. We stopped to smell the newly blooming freesias on the side of the road as we walked to preschool today. I noticed my chest not hurt quite so much going up the hill (getting a tiny bit fitter?). I've had three cute nose-to-nose moments with my grinning 2.5 year old. We checked which of our seedlings made it through the night without being munched (nearly all of them!), and hauled all the big sticks from the back down to the front of our house. And we stopped to chat to a walker about the cockatoos nesting and the echidnas in our street. So far, so good!

  2. I think I'll miss your gorgeous candle-lit photos but I'm sure you'll like having electricity back on the whole :) Jasmine is just about my favourite scent. I finally convinced my husband to let me have one plant near the back door (they're a noxious weed here and we're not meant to have them) and the first flower on the plant opened yesterday! I must go and check for more actually, the smell makes me happy. So far I haven't done much - woke up with the cat sitting on my chest staring meaningfully at me, had a morning snuggle with Hazel, and we're about to go down to our local market to see if a blue stuffed bunny Hazel has fallen in love with is still there and whether her pocket money will be enough to buy it.

  3. Such beautiful words and a wonderful reminder to look around and appreciate the little things. I think my camera helps me to do this. and my blog too. thanks for your reminder.

    rachel xo

  4. This is so beautiful, Ellie. Life as a sensory journey :) We're so lucky, aren't we? Kx

  5. Anonymous1:20 pm

    this is lovely, ellie.
    right now, i am sitting with my legs wound up next to me on the couch, my lola-dog sleeping on them. the dryer is humming away. ben is working a cough drop. zoe-dog is sleeping on the floor. maddie's music is quietly crooning in her room. isaac is sound asleep in his bed.
    i am glad that your life is lovely (or that you can find the lovely in it).
    mine is lovely, too.


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