Monday, 20 August 2012

one simple moment

A cup of tea
A new notebook - I found these yesterday while in the city (Brisbane). They are the same as one I found while on my overseas adventure when I was in my early 20s ( a long time ago). Lovely for a simple notebook to bring back that memory.
The last of the afternoon sun.
Only a few moments before the kids are home from the school bus and things slip into the next moment ...... Afternoon tea, dinner, stories, bed.

I hope you've had a lovely Monday.

And they are in the door - the sweetest little 5 yr old voice saying "hello mama".


  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    sometimes the idea of time and space when kiddos are off sounds so lovely to me . . .

    other times i'm so glad i keep mine home . . .

    i wish i could have about two days a week to myself . . .

    i love the look of your tea and journals on the table - i think it would be lovely to sit at your table (or mine) with tea and journals and visit a bit and write a bit . . . i feel as though we are friends . . . even from so very far away . . .

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Love your thoughts and reflections here in your space.
    Also, so exciting to hear that your building work is happening. Spring time and electricity for you, it will be interesting to see how instant power changes things. We are moving soon (not very far, basically 3 streets away!) but are moving back towards a situation that aligns more with our values - I'm excited! Friends living separately upstairs, a vegetable garden, and electricity powered by the sun. Things that take the edge off the busyness and noise of the city!
    I am on the hunt for some journals - would you mind letting me know sometime where you found these lovely ones?

    xox Melania


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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