Tuesday, 7 August 2012

just this - tuesday morning

I sat in the sun this morning, after dropping the kids at school, and rolled this yarn into a ball. I drank my tea (bancha), and listened to the birds calling and the bees buzzing. And I soaked up that warm morning late Winter sunshine.
And it felt good on my body and my soul.
{and Sam took some photos of me, to email for print. And I felt self conscious and a bit old and tired. And decided that I need to tone up, and freshen up, and see the beauty in me in again}.
What did you do today?
How do you see the beauty in yourself? Do you look or do you ignore?


  1. Lovely post. I can see the beauty in you. Most definitely!

  2. Hi gorgeous, a lovely portrait of you. Your beauty is amazing, inside and out. I saw that book in the bookshop the other day and thought of you. xxx
    {p.s I love the B&W edit}

  3. Lovely post and gorgeous photo! :) Kx

  4. before i read your words, i thought, hurray! a photo of ellie!
    i think you are so beautiful.
    natural and lovely.

    so - i think our lives and how we respond to them write either beauty or ugliness on us. if we respond with love and wonder more often than with hurt and bitterness, our experiences write beauty on us. even in the form of lines and spots and scars and wrinkles. if our story is saturated with gentleness and love, the marks of our story are beautiful. - that's what i think.

  5. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Funny... I looked at your picture and thought how beautiful and young you look, and how long ago that feels to me. It is all in the eyes of the beholder, isn't it? It's nice meeting you! Have a lovely day, Iris.


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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