Saturday, 12 January 2013

{sunset} what do you wish for?

as the sun set on the final day of the year, we gathered at the river's edge to spend time with family. with the cousins. and my sisters. we missed my brother, who lives so far away.

we had a simple meal of hot chips, and fish (for those few who eat fish). a perfect way to see out the see and think about the new year. a swig of sweet cider. the kids running and playing and climbing trees. me with my crochet work in my hand. a blanket spread on the grass for all to lounge and relax and chatter.

we went home after dark. after watching this most glorious of sun sets across the river. the colour changing each single split second of a moment. more glorious and vibrant and amazing than any photo editing program could enhance. we did not watch fireworks - who needs coloured gunpowder shooting into the sky after a display such as this!!

we drove home and climbed into bed, much earlier than mid-night. and awoke with a new day beginning. a new year beginning. new dreams and plans and wishes and intentions beginning.

i asked my family what they wished for this year. all three of them said the house built / a bedroom for myself. me? i wished for world peace! ha - actually i wished for family peace and contentment.

what do you wish for?


  1. Ellie your photographs are absolutely beautiful. This year I wish for.. health & contentment :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I wished to be more organised, but looking at that sunset I know I would actually have been thinking 'thank goodness the heat of the day is over!' :) Happy New Year! Kx

  3. first of all - your photos are gorgeous! and i get you on the fact that pictures do no justice to real sunsets. but because i stop and enjoy them often, i can imagine what your photos must have looked like in real life.

    second - i have a lot of wishes this year - but they all lead to peace in our little life, here.

    i'm hoping for your house to be built also. :) happy, happy new year to you and yours.
    hugs from minnesota!

  4. I wished for mindfulness - noticing the small things, taking time to just be.

    Your sunset is far more beautiful than any fireworks. Happy New Year Ellie

  5. Sunset photos makes me feel nostalgic. these are really nice photo. Thanks Ellie, xo
    ~ Mehul
    Architectural Stone

  6. sooooo beautiful sunset, the sky is wonderful and amazing, i admire them! | Checkout roygroething lifetouch photography


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