Monday, 14 January 2013

5 things

I can't really believe it's already the middle of January, almost anyway. How did that happen??!! A whole lot of sweltering hot days, and kids-in-holiday-mode whinging surely didn't help with my creative productivity. I think I keep waiting for back to school when I have my head to myself again. Whereas at the moment every seven seconds someone needs me, or something from me. If I go outside or sit in a quiet corner (trying to hide) there's the call of "mama, mum, where are you?". You know that call don't you!

So. As a way to get those plans and goals that are floating in my head out into to reality, I thought that if I blogged about them, then I'd be more likely to get things done. School holidays and whinging kids or not. Maybe? Let's see!

Here's 5 things I'd like to achieve before January is over:
1. Have my new website ready for launching. So share with you what I'm working on. 
2. Have new stock made for said website launch. There will be crochet rocks, for sure. There will be. There will be.
3. Start proper planning on the new workshops and lessons I'd like to present this year. Screen printing workshops, perhaps sewing classes, and also maybe (just maybe) continue on with the creative talks we had happening last year at the Hey Maker! shop.
4. Start, oh, please at least start, the makings (or perhaps solid plannings) of a new outfit for myself. I'd like to make at least one new outfit a month, this year. What shall I start on? Tell me your favourite clothing patterns, please - I do so need a new dress.
5. Write and re-test at least one crochet rock tutorial.

Ok. Sounds simple enough. Though really there's a lot there. I know it's high hopes getting all that done. But to get a start would be great. Less time on instagram might help a teeny bit as well.......

Have you got things you're itching to get done?
What's stopping you? Are you blaming the kids, or the weather (too hot / too cold / too windy), or the lack of space to do your making? 
Tell me, please please do, how do you overcome those hurdles to get your making made?

*I finished this crochet piece today. If the light is good tomorrow, there may even be a tutorial for it and what I did with the finished piece, this week.


  1. when my children were young and pestiferous I used to take a bath to get time for myself. The one place they were not allowed to annoy me. x te

  2. I have only just started properly thinking about plans for the year ahead. Having everyone on holidays at once is adding to the go-slowness!
    New website- that sounds exciting, Ellie.

  3. Well I finally stopped putting going to the dentist off, so I'm feeling pleased about getting over that hurdle :). Went yesterday. Today have three new fillings, a very sore mouth and a very empty bank account lol.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of procrastination. Especially after the incredible hard work you put into 2012. Hope you're feeling less stressed than last time we met (just before the store closed).

    PS: I know I mentioned it on Facebook but congrats again about your blog's Country Style mention, Ellie!

  4. I feel like I've spent so much time in the past thinking about what I'd like to do and far too much time looking at what others have already done. I'm not sure why but now I am finally at the tip of actually doing!

    I made a simple dress over the last couple of days, sewed a couple of netted vegie bags for when I go to the market, another kitchen mitt from an old towel, and planted some seeds in the garden. These have all been on my list.

    A few other things are waiting for sorting and doing too: a pile of vintage kids clothes needs sorting and selling (not sure what avenue I will take yet), the garden is in a makeover phase, some bloomers/shorts/skirts for my niece and nephews.

    All the best with your 5 for January! Look forward to your rock tutorial.
    Melania x

  5. january is flying by. i'm excited about your 5 things... yay for getting things done xxx


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