Wednesday, 3 April 2013

happy wednesday to you {colour / thread / friendship}

Friendship necklace
It's just slipped into Thursday morning.. by only 2 minutes. And seeing as how I'm not yet in bed, and the candle is still burning I'm calling it Wednesday!

I wanted to share this bright and colourful loveliness tonight. On this rainy night. Slipping into Winter night. 

These are like the friendship hair braids we used to make as kids. We'd wrap the thread around a small section of hair, and leave it on for weeks and weeks. Perhaps until it fell off, or became so grubby we had to take it off. Either way - wasn't it fun having colourful threads in our hair. 

I just discovered this picture on Pinterest. I think I've been dreaming about something like this. Sam and I are planning necklaces and threads for the skateboard beads he is working on. Soon we will have some new pieces to show you.  

Here's to a colourful rest of your week, with friendship threaded around your days
 Ellie xxxxx


  1. Gorgeous! Great ideas. I love dreaming and scheming art projects :) Kx

    p.s. did you get my email Ellie? I wasn't sure because there was an 'a' between your first and last name... thought I should check ;)

  2. I love these necklaces. They are on my pinterest board too. Such lovely colours and textures! And yes, it was so fun having colourful hair wraps!


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