Tuesday, 9 July 2013

1000 crochet doilies & connections stitched

This week I am finally sending off the 30 doilies I have crocheted for Lisa Solomon's 1000 Doilies project. I have loved working on these for so many reasons, the main being the connection to all the other people who were making them as well. 

How wonderful for someone to put the word out, and ask for people to follow a pattern and crochet some pieces to add to an installation of her work. 

You can read a little about Lisa's art piece here. I love the thread colours and the 10 doilies x 100 colours = 1000.
I first "met" Lisa through Instragram, I think.. I can barely remember anymore. Does it actually matter? Nope, not really. I was immediately drawn to her use of colour in a methodical and thoughtful way (I mean, look at those colours up there - this project is about tonal gradation and hues), and to her dangly tangly threads that I saw in her work. The finished yet unfinished aspect of it really captured what I myself felt I was working on - or maybe a bit of how I work. I urge you to go and have a look through her website and find some lovely.

Lisa is also super-cool. And I love that. Cool in a real way. She is an art teacher and a practicing artist, and a mama. I love her instagram feed with the view points of shape and colour and line. I love her book. I also love the way Lisa seems to be collaborative - she has connections with other artists, and gathers people in. She shares skills and advice. 

Mostly I love that Lisa trusted me enough to be part of this amazing project with her. With everyone else who is making. All these lives that we've stitched into our doilies will be gathered together into Lisa's hands and displayed. And most people who look at the art work (in real - I'll only see it in pictures) will probably see the beauty that is there. The colours and lines and shapes. They won't know the stories of the people who made these pieces. The way that I carried a little fabric pouch with my thread and hook and pattern, the way I never fully remembered the pattern, so had to carry it with me. The way I sat at cafes with threads in front of me, and other customers asked about the teeny little work I was making - and were surprised that I was making it to send to an artwork on the other side of the world. The way my family knew it was an important thing I was working on, for an important project, and helped me along the way - let me count that one row of stitches where I couldn't talk or I'd have to start again. 

And you know what. I love the fact that two of my very special instagram friends also made doilies. Kate (blog) / foxslane (IG) and Cyndi (blog) / elf_girl (IG). We encouraged each other and enjoyed sharing where we were up to. The way I thought maybe Kate and I could sit and crochet together one day, and somehow here we are are working on one big thing together. 

You can see the doilies here on the instagram hashtag #1000doilies. I'm following along to see the final work with all our stitches and those colourful doilies talking together in one room. Thanks Lisa for letting me crochet with my far-away friends. xxxx

*bottom image of threads stacked is from Lisa Solomon's blog.


  1. So, so, so beautiful Ellie - those colours are incredible!

  2. Ellie!! Those photos are so beautiful!!
    Oh goodness, I must remember to darn the ends in and send them.
    August was always such a long way away and yet here it is almost here.
    And we will crochet together in the same room at the same table together one day, I am sure of it.

  3. my dear sweet friend. i wanted to wait to read this until i had a morning to myself - quiet. with coffee - no distractions. and so this morning i pull this up and... you have brought tears to my eyes.
    your words are so kind.
    and this project has become something so GRAND in so many ways. it is indeed about all you amazing women around the world who open your craft time to me to help me pull this off.
    i wish i could gather you all in the gallery when the show is up for some tea and chatting - but essentially you WILL all be there. and i love that all these doilies have personal stories behind them. i know that when i finally put them up they will be telling a multi-layered all important story.


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