Thursday, 4 July 2013

hot pink + inky blue // the greater the artist

I made this crochet bowl / vessel last week. It just started and happened, I added pieces and cut scraps to size and crochet-worked them in as I went. I love this. I'm going to say it again. I LOVE THIS! 

I am so loving the inky blue at the moment. It's scraps from my screen printed fabrics, that were sewn into purses and cushions - the edges of stitched and snipped corners, the left over snipplets / scraplets. I am always collecting scraplets from my sewing floor. I love the raggedy frayed edges and the half unraveled stitching.

I make a lot of little bits of things in my making time. Some bits sit unfinished, half finished, not complete. Ideas formed and run off before they fully evolved. I know that's an okay thing. Totally ok. It helps other ideas to progress. Sometimes ideas don't form and work through to the end for a while. But when they do. When it happens as my mind's eye imagined. 

Isn't that just like the biggest thing ever. It's ego-boosting. And I mean ego in a good way. I am not afraid of my ego, when it's being good. I think and artist ego has a sharp edge to slip either side to full-on ego "I'm better than you", or real-ego "I'm the best me". I aim for that one. The other-ego of me, the best of me. It's sometimes a hard line to walk. Between loving what you do, and showing off and then gloating. 

And then. The other option is the doubt. I love this quote about an artist having doubt. It's taken me a long long LONG time to slowly, quietly, sometimes, call myself an artist. I wonder if I am an artist, or a maker, or just a wanna-be. I wonder what's the difference. Anyway. This quote makes me feel like I must be an artist, Robert Hughes is a man who knows his artists. 

Is anyone interested in a tutorial for this crochet scrap vessel? I made it with builder's twine and fabric scraps and other little pieces. Maybe next week I could fathom one up, if anyone's interested... Come back tomorrow, when I hope to have a yarny stick/twig/branch tutorial to share with you.

*isn't the background here just simply beautiful? It's at my sister Leah's house - the walls are rendered concrete, which is possibly maybe what we'll end up doing on our home, or something similar. I love the worn patina of the faded ochre and the wooden bench.


  1. I love it!! It seems we were on the same wavelength.. Hot pink, vessels...see my blog!

  2. hello lovely! you know, it's funny that you should be making "vessels" while pondering the ego and confidence and doubt - I could get all poetic and deep now but you'll know what I mean! Had a doubtful day myself got better, way better and tomorrow I'm sure it will be fine xo

    1. Hi Sweet Jo, Yes do get all poetic on me. I sometimes don't notice those "obvious" things about vessels and confidence... I just do the making and the part rambling; getting to a point takes me a while. I do like your concise points.
      No doubtful days for you girl! You are the rock-i-est coolest gal I know. Totally mean that. Here's hoping tomorrow is better. xxxx


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