Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gathered Treasures / Forest Finds

I've been making photos of some of the treasures I gather up around our forest home. I'm enjoying doing this a lot. Taking the pieces from the scattered forest floor, where they often times get lost amongst the brown of leaf litter. And putting them against a white background. Showing off these simple moments in a new environment. I've been sharing them on Instagram, but thought some of your who don't play over there might like to see them too.

I have been finding more feathers over the past few months than ever before. Gathering up their soft fluttery-ness makes my heart soar and my head sigh. They have come from all sorts of birds - emerald forest pigeon, white cockatoo, moor hen, lorikeets, parrots and more...

What treasures have you been finding and enjoying lately? 


  1. Oh what beautiful coloured feathers and butterfly wings. Our NZ birds definitely aren't as colourful as yours.

  2. Hello Ellie from all the way on the other side of the world, (although when I'm in England I suppose I'm closer). A friend sent me one of your pins on pinterest, a weaving between some twigs and so I decided to come visit you. I see you like to make collections and photograph them. Me too. And you have Instagram, which is nice for me as well. Off now to check out some of your posts. Hope you're having a wonderful and sunny week. (It's a bit miserable and raining here at the moment, but I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow.) :)

  3. These are so lovely Ellie and very inspiring.


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