Wednesday, 29 January 2014

making the most of the light {don't rush away the days}

The kids went back to school today after an intense, but ever so fast, Summer holiday. I'm missing the holidays already. But boy was I sorta-kinda happy to put them on the bus this morning and walk home with the knowledge that I can now get started on the doing and making and planning to help the year ahead be a successful one for us, for Deadwood Creative, for our home building, for my workshops and for my creative making.

While there's so much I want to do - and I've made plans and lists and schedules (and I aim to stick to them), I also am sad that our Summer holiday is over. After such a full-on (and emotionally draining) January, I feel like we didn't really get a real and loving holiday time together as a family. I think I was rushing the holidays away, because I really needed head space from the kids. And now, I'm ever-so-sad I did that. One should never rush time away...especially when with two little ones who are ever so dear and precious.

I can feel the days already getting slightly shorter. Slowly slowly. This week I've felt myself trying to drag the day out longer. To make the most of the last few hours of sunshine. Sometimes daylight saving is annoying - other times I love it. 

On this first day back to school, I'm writing myself a mantra for how to extend the holiday feel into our daily routine.

+ Go for walks in the afternoon, or after dinner - once the dinner table is cleared
+ Bike riding in the garden in the afternoon
+ Stop work when the kids get home and be with them - delicious afternoon tea and conversation on the verandah
+ Stopping to listen to the birds calling and screeching across the sky
+ Do crafting after school with the kids
+ Have tea parties in the garden
+ Go away for weekends together - unexpected mid-term holidays
+ Take days off school if we need to, just because
+ Be late for school some times, if we need to - no excuse needed
+ Laugh and giggle together and plan what we'll do on our next holiday

Have your littles gone back to school yet? 
Are you planning all the things you'll do in your hours of kid-free time? 
Are you making delicious afternoon tea treats for when they come home? 
Here's to a new school term of happy children, content teachers and fulfilled mamas & dadas!

*these two photos are from our walk yesterday afternoon. A whole gang of black cockatoos flew over and we simply stopped in the road and watched them, and could barely count how many, but I counted my blessings that I saw them and that my babies are happy to stand and watch birds flying in the trees above us. 

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  1. It's hard! The lazy days are over, the scheduling has started, I'm aiming for no after school activities this term, no swimming lessons etc, so we can just hang out. X


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