Monday, 9 June 2014

and then i went for a walk.... no-one will bloom on your behalf

This afternoon I started to feel a bit low. A bit of a slump. I looked around at all the things I should have been doing (already done) like the washing up or vacuuming the floor, or planning what we would have for dinner....
And overthinking how I felt about how things I put out there were responded to. 

Yep, that's not a good one is it. Sometimes overthinking can be good, but often I think it just leads to a bit feeling blurgh. 

But it does make me feel heart sad when I put things 'out there' and don't get the reaction, response or results that I'd hoped or expected. I try hard to chin up and stay positive, but this grey cloud sky day wasn't helping. 

So... I went for a walk. It has given me some fresh air and a lighter step.

This peach tree that was washed out of root structure earlier in the year, and we had to cut it off the path way. Look at it - it's still producing flowers. Wow. This thing has been literally washed out of the ground and had a saw at it and it's still doing it's best to do what it needs to do. That's inspiring isn't it. 

This orange tree is growing in quite a compromised spot, with low sunlight and lots of moss covering it's branches. Still it's producing fruits that soon we'll be able to eat and enjoy. 

This beautiful dahlia plant was growing gloriously on the edge of a house site. The whole house burnt down a few months ago, and the whole garden has been removed / bulldozed, except this plant blooming on and on... 

So, I came to the thought that :

Despite obstacles, one must keep trying,
Because no-one else will bloom 
or flourish on your behalf.

That's it. That's all for today. Just my little feeling a bit blurgh and low and wishing things sometimes weren't as hard as they are. And that sometimes when I put something out there it goes bang bang, and boom boom. And all the hard work and effort and energy pays off. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. That's life I guess... isn't it. 

Happy Monday friends xxx

{ps - you can book a spot in our upcoming workshop gather :: create and find your own way of blooming. Booking details are here.}


  1. A walk can do wonders. We have those tree dahlias out the front, and they always make me smile. Can't wait to hear more about your workshop, and let's drink tea to blooming and flourishing the following day xx

  2. Don't worry yourself with things like the washing, ironing, vacuuming. My mother always said "there is no House Work Fairy and these thing will always be there waiting for you WHEN YOU HAVE THE TIME' (sometimes it's nice to be the cleaner, it brings out the Inner Goddess in us mothers and some days I really NEED to believe I am a Goddess) I never stress about the state of my house because I know these can wait patiently for my Golden Touch (unlike some other things, like a pleasant NEEDED AND DESERVED walk!) The old peach tree is rooted well and knows what it needs to do (not unlike being married and living in the same home for 40 years!). I always chant to myself 'the tide goes out but it always comes in again' so I figure. 'just go with the flow'. These days its easier float with the tide than jumping in the deep end and see where you end up. Get my drift?!! Embrace you inner Goddess and don't beat yourself up about your expectations. Pressing on is omnipotent. Jenny

  3. Ellie, Have your read the quote from Calvin Coolidge about "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence" It's wonderful reading!


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