Thursday, 23 July 2015

A little honey ....

There's colds and coughs here at the moment. And rainy coolish days. Perfect weather for gathering lemons from our trees, lemongrass from my friends garden and raw honey and organic ginger from the farmers market.
A remedy my mama used to make for us to nourish our bodies and warm our hearts. Holding a cup of warm lemon, honey & ginger is almost like a hug.

{a recipe} 
You'll need:
•fresh lemons, any sort will do. At least 1 per person or more if you like it tangy.
•honey, about 1-2 teaspoons each. Please use raw and local honey - it's better for your body as it still contains all the real nutrients (not stripped bare like from the supermarket), and supports a local farmer and his bees.
•a small knob of fresh ginger.
•some fresh or dried lemongrass (optional).
Squeeze the lemon into a cup, smash the ginger to release the flavour and add along with the cut lemongrass. Pour over not-quite boiling water and add honey to taste.
Cosy up with your favourite handknit or crochet blankie and snuggles with your little ones.
*i love using my Made by Fressko flask, which keeps my tea warm for hours. I have a giveaway of one of these on myInstagram account at the moment - if you wanna pop over and check it out! 


  1. This is a brilliant tonic and one I tend to make often. Seems to me like we could have been having this all summer here in Oxfordshire, because its just been pretty manky and cool. On the other hand, it's been beautiful and sunny in Vancouver, where we are off to in a week, so maybe we'll get some summer warmth after all. :D Hope your summer is lovely and warm.

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