Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A garden bouquet ~ from my natural dye diaries

A short while ago, my girl and I gathered some of the pretty blooms from around our garden. We rolled it all up into a bundle roll with fabric, and set the dye pot to cook. 
There's a little how to story over here, if you want to have a look and make your own special piece of garden-gathered fabric. Each time you dye in this special manner, you get different results, depending on the flowers, leaves and seedpods. 

For those of you looking for my how to dye with Turmeric, it's here! You can also look at all my Natural Dye post archives.

I also have a Natural & Botanical Dye workshop coming up really soon. If you live in or near Newcastle, NSW and would love to spend a day learning about how to extract colours from the dye pot, then I hope you can come along. Sunday 20th September. Held in a beautiful florist studio - we will have all sorts of amazing blooms to dye with. All the details and booking info are over on my website here. (There's only a few spaces left). 

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