Tuesday, 31 July 2007

fractured light

Not too many words tonight. I'm enjoying the quiet (inside my brain - kids asleep) + the stillness of the night + the possibilities of the furniture rearranging I've been doing during baby lulls today* + what that rearranging means*. Just lots of photos.
:: Springs New Blossoms ::
:: My favourite Derwent Colour Pencils ::
:: Glorious organic purple cabbage, from the market ::
:: Ari's chalk + potato soup ::
:: Lavender flowers from our garden +
old man's beard moss Ari brought home for me ::
:: Stonefruit blossom Sylve picked for me yesterday.
I'm loving it in this simple vase ::
*Hopefully more on this, with inspired photos tomorrow...


  1. stefani3:58 pm

    Really beautiful photos today, Ellie. Such warmth, and coziness and color. Bravo!

  2. What beautiful flowers :)


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