Monday, 9 July 2007

a few firsts

We've just been away for a few days at my Grandmas house down the coast. It was lovely + hectic. We also spent a great fun day with my sister, Anouk + her two little ones. So there was :: Dad, Anouk, Sylve + Ash, Sidi, Ari, Rollie, Mishi + me ::

Here's a few photos from that day -

::beautiful lunch in the new dining room::

(this is actually how the kids spent most of their lunch - standing and looking or playing, rather than sitting and eating and communicating as we would have loved).

::birthday cake for Rollie::

::talking + playing + smiles::

::having her first "ride" on Granddad's Norton::

::wonderful party bags::

Anouk made 15 for Rollie's party, but he had an ear infection, so no party! We luckily got to take our bags home - filled with homemade playdough + bubbles + balloons + chocolates for the adults.


::and slept::

We saw three glorious sunrises from my Grandmas lounge room floor :: no energy for photos at 4.30am after "sleeping" sandwiched between my two babes::

Now we are on chickenpox watch for the two babes. Ash came up with spots Saturday mid-day, and we are hoping that Ari + Mish don't follow. Hopefully Mishi will have immunisation from my breastmilk - but Ari has nothing. (None of my children are or will be immunised by a doctor''s needle).

We came home to an almost perfectly tidy house - which we practically demolished as soon as we walked in the door! I'm going to continue blaming the kids for ALL the mess.

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