Tuesday, 10 July 2007

out of our mouths #1

I've started collecting::remembering little snippets of things we say that when I think about them, they sound bizarre (or sweet). When we ask Ari where he got a particular saying or heard something from that he's just repeated to us - he says it came from his mouth. Kids are so literal about everything, I love that. Adults start to need naming and explaining things, whereas kids just take things as they see::hear them.
"Lets pick snot" ::Ari, with his finger jammed up his nose, said very casually to Ash the other day in the car::
"A brick is not a toy" ::Sylve said to Ash, who was pushing a brick around the sandpit where little kids where playing::
"How could you have lost your pyjama top, when you were wearing it?" ::Anouk to Sidi, while I was talking on the phone to her one night::
"No, not a cute shirt. A cool shirt" ::Ari's response to me asking Sam to dress him in a cute shirt to go out for dinner. He puts his sunglasses on upside down and thinks he's a cool dude::

That's all I can remember for now, but I'll try to file those little moments of conversations we have, somewhere in my brain where I can find them again! I would love to hear your moments of silliness, cuteness or simply "can't believe I just said that".

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  1. It really is wonderful what those little ones come up with! Oftentimes in busy mommy life "filing away" in my brain means trying desperately not to forget things that only end up being remembered for 5 minutes. It is so sad.

    So I keep a journal with a pages to write down the funny things my kids have said that month, (January- Isaac's Quotes) then every so often I send a collection of their best ones to my mother-in-law who puts each child's quotes, along with pictures, into a scrapbook.

    Now if only I could develop a system for remembering the feel of Cam's little hand holding mine as we cross the street, or Pepper's fuzzy lavender scented hair brushing against my cheek!!
    Well good luck,


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