Tuesday, 26 August 2008

trials & prototypes

Hmmm. Been busy. And tired. And... usual stuff.

This week just past I had a lovely day at home, on my own, for sewing. Finishing up some long long long overdue projects, that have been sitting on my sewing table for ages and in my head for longer.
I also sewed up a prototype of a bag that we are going to be selling at our upcoming market stall (more about that a bit later). I had a bag that I liked the look of, and tried to make something similar, but also my own style. I'm quite happy with the result. As a prototype it does have a few errors, but I know what I need to fix for the proper batch of bags.
Sort of like a market tote bag, with topstitching to make a piping on the edge. It's all one piece front to back, with a gusset on each side. I want to make it out of hemp or organic cotton; and still trying to find a local (well, Australia local) supplier. And we are going to screen print Sam's designs onto them.
I have another bag idea / shape in my head, just need to find a few spare hours to turn it into a proper form. Something similar - a simple market tote, but with a different shape. You'll see it next week.
The other things that were taking up head/desk space are the things I am making for the 100th Post Giveaway. Yes, I know that most of you have probably given up on me with this one. Seeing as how it was.... months ago. I think the main issue has been that I really wanted to make something totally special and unique for each and every one of you. So many ideas formed in my head, and I wrote and drew. Yet nothing seemed quite right. It has taken me this long to finally come up with what I am happy with.


3. (two of these).

Also, I told myself to stop procrastinating and get it made already! I knew (hope) that you'll like whatever I send you, based on the fact that it's been made with thought and care and attention and love. I'm going to let you choose which one you each like best, colour wise. There will be a few other little goodies as well.




So, if any of you winners are still reading my blog - please comment on which little pouch/bag you like best. And hopefully everyone will be happy. (If you really like one that someone else has picked, let me know, as I can possibly make more. I have little bits extra of most fabrics). Excuse the terrible photos, I just wanted to get them done, and kid-free time is precious.




And finally, thank you for all your patience - not one of you asked or hassled or prompted me. That makes me feel that you do respect me, and acknowledge that I am something doing a little more than I should be. Also, I have learnt :: no giveaways unless I have something to giveaway first!!!

10. (two of these).

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