Friday, 22 August 2008

kids in the kitchen

On Tuesday, when my Dad was visiting, he took Ari over to Sylve's house for dinner. This meant that Mishi and I had the afternoon at home together. This is quite rare, so was really lovely. Once your child starts talking, incessantly, you forget that quiet of the 'non-talkative' child. The talking to yourself aspect of spending time with a little one. While Mishi says words, and makes lots of noises, she doesn't yet conduct a conversation.
So, it was really lovely to do some baking together. And for me to have those moments of quiet head space. Of talking to Mishi, and to myself. Of having her tiny sounds to accompany my quiet words. Being able to think about what I'm cooking, to stop and enjoy the process a little bit more. Having one child do the mixing; rather than two children bickering over who stands on which stool and who uses which spoon.
We made some little biscuits. Some with our new cutters - some great carshapes. And some with Mishi's thumb print to form the balls into shapes. I sort of made the recipe up as we went on. No dairy, no eggs, no sugar. Delicious. The kids ate them happily, while we were walking through the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens with my Dad the very next day. (That was a fun day, no photos - just enjoying looking at things, and really taking it in, and having time wandering through trees and plants with my Dad).
Sultana + Marmalade Cookies
1 cup Self Raising flour
1/2 cup Plain flour
1/3 cup vegetable oil
few handfuls of sultanas (that was Mishi's job - don't know how many went in!)
3 or so big spoonfuls of sugar-free marmalade or jam of your choice
enough water to make a firmish mix
Mix everything together, slowly - try not to spill too much flour on the bench, try not to eat too much dough. Have fun. Don't worry if quantities are a little bit wrong. You can add some dried spice or other dried fruit if you want. Or use fresh fruit juice, or milk if you want instead of water.
Roll out flat, and cut with cookie cutters or roll into balls and push flatish (once they are on pan) with your finger - this makes a nice little shape.
Cook on a lined cookie tray at 180C (approx) for about 25 or so minutes, or until nice and golden. Leave them to cool on a wire rack before you eat them.
Then do a little dance for your Mama, to show her how much you like the cookies - and how happy you are, in general. She's been calling me "marmee.... muuuummie".
I also have some yummy pie recipes to share with you. We've had quite a baking week this past week. Cheesy pastry recipe to come in a few days, or so.

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  1. I have two children, a boy younger who is very chatty, and my daughter who is older who is quiet. When she and I are together I am amazed at how quiet we are. But it is a peaceful, happy in each other's company quiet. I love the photo of your daughter dancing in cookie joy.


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