Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Birthday Pary inspiration - dreaming....

Today Ari and I were browsing through flickr, having a little dream about his planned birthday cake. Some absolutely wonderful pieces of cake art to look at, and drool over. I know that even if I wanted I could never make something like some of these.
Our particular cakes will actually be much more humble. We are going to have a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. And a chocolate + beetroot cake with icing and strawberries. He keeps talking about strawberries in the cake - but I think better on top. Little cup cakes should be fun, rather than one big cake. And we will (possibly) make some for our vegan friends.
Oh, planning parties is so much fun. I'm not sure we'll get everything made that we want. But planning is half the fun, and the dreaming of what we could do.....
I'll give you a party wrap up after it's over, in case I don't manage to tell you any details before.

These are two cupcakes that wouldn't show up in the flickr mosaic, they look and sound delicious. Strawberry blossom cupcakes and Vegan raw cashew cheesecake cup. This is a blog I'll be frequenting; it's called Tofu and Cupcakes; yummy recipes and beautiful photos.


  1. Dear Ellie!
    So glad that you found your way to my blog and left a lovely comment. That way I found yours....and I have been reading and reading and reading....and still have lots more to read. I absolutely love it. Also read the blog you write together with your friend. What a nice way to keep in touch.

    I would very much like to link you to my blog. Is that OK with you?

    Now I have to go back to reading...

    See you soon again!


  2. Thank you so much for linking to me and saying such nice things!!! I just noticed I was getting a lot of traffic coming from your site and I had no idea, I'm so flattered you noticed me.

    I'm enjoying wandering through your blog and I have to tell you, you have quite an eye for simple, pleasing aestethics. I'll be visiting again!



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