Monday, 20 October 2008

Poppy Rabbit

This weekend past we went to an open-day at the Steiner School my nephew attends. A lovely day seeing family members we don't get to visit with very often. Listening to fantastic music, and watching some great Latin dancing on the dance floor.
Afterwards we went to Brunswick Heads, where we had chips and cool Summer drinks, with my brother, nephew and my Grandma. A play in the park, watching kids walking on the low-tide mud in the river mouth. What a perfect afternoon; with warm and sunny weather and family friendships.While at the Steiner Fair I bought some little wooden creatures for the kids. Of course, a turtle for Ari - who seems to know a lot about turtles, and innately really like them (or at least talk about them a lot). For Mishi I couldn't help but choose this friendly little Rabbit.
I had to keep reminding myself to not call it Bunny, but rather Rabbit - so I named her Poppy Rabbit. For no reason other than I'm quite sick of all those animal humanised stories where the animals have alliteration names; Penny Pig, Henry Horse, Clara Cow... you know what I mean.
I took this little photo shoot this afternoon, of Poppy Rabbit and some macros of stones, seedpods and shells. With small children clambering on my back and whinging in my ears (and that was a constant today).

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