Tuesday, 21 October 2008

stationery for presents

A monumental birthday (50th) of a family member happened a week or so ago. Luckily we didn't see her until this weekend just gone - as Sam and I were still finishing her present on the morning of driving down to see them! Same old, hey...
Anyway, it was something that I've had in my mind for a while. Working out the logistics of it before I started cutting into the fabric and sewing. Of course there are always more things you find, as you sew and then look at the finished product, that need a bit of tweaking and fine tuning. But I know that especially for family people they a) don't mind these little "special mistakes" and b) they might actually like them as it's the real proof that I made it with my own hands especially for them.I used my beautiful hemp / organic cotton in the natural colour, and combined it with some Amy Butler greens and blues. Those soft hues being quite perfect for the recipient, I think. A simple fold-around, or wrap, that does up with buttons. With one long pocket inside, that was divided up into three smaller pockets. I finished the edges with a fabric twill tape that I sewed together to form a sort of not-bias binding.Sized just right for our own custom stationery. Some of my fabric stitched cards, as well as some A5 sized printed pale-colour designs that Sam made for the writing paper aspect of the stationery set. Little bird on a brach, and teeny tiny gumnut seeds in blues and greens.
There are a lot more of these planned in the coming weeks, for an upcoming market stall we are having. Some with embroidery, maybe some with screenprinting, and definitely some with contrasting quilting fabric panels. I think, though, that I will make them all with the hemp / organic cotton as the main body of the wrap, as I love the texture of this fabric and the depth tones in the naturalness of it.I also made this recently, a custom order of pink pink pink stationery with wrap. I fabric stitched the writing paper, which was really fun.

Keep a look out this week, as I am going to have a de-lurking day. I want to get to know you all a little better. A special prize will be for one of you is going to be made (well, started) tonight at my fortnightly craft night!


  1. Oh what a beautiful gift! He or she must have been very happy reciveing it! And finishing it in the car....way to go Ellie! That happens to me all the time! How come it always ends up like that how ever far ahead you get started? One of lifes mysteries!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I want one of these!


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