Tuesday, 24 February 2009

the perks and perils of work-at-home

These past few days I've been head down at my little sewing machine. I'm starting to feel a bit vibraty in my body, and the whir in my head matches that of the machine. I started to wonder if she was making strange noises and getting sick, but I think my mind was just rambling a bit.
Aside from making one tiny little mistake on my stack of 30 cushion covers (which actually equates to a whole lot of unpicking and re-ironing and sewing; 2 1/2 hours extra to be exact!), things are going quite well.Getting through the list of things that I have to get done for Stitches & Craft, all the things that have to be dropped off at the courier in ..... ummm... less than a week. Yes - you read correctly. We have less than one week to do all the screenprinting and sewing and packing and making and ironing and pricing and......
I'm actually feeling quietly optimistic about it. Though I do have some good child-minding lined up for the next few days. And some late nights planned, and maybe even early mornings. And the back-up plan of taking extra stuff in the car with us down to Melbourne.But I know that whatever we get done is all that we can get done. And it'll be amazing. And Sam and I will look at our work, and smile to ourselves and each other, knowing we've done a pretty fantastic job.
I'll let you know.

So, the little things that have been holding me up, and keeping me a tad bit behind schedule. Well, it's these little creatures.Yesterday we stopped work to have a glorious morning tea picnic. Baby cinos and baby pancakes, served on the new birthday picnic/baby blanket* and the cutest little tea set (which matches the picnic rug quite well). The smallest of us in a ballerina tutu of course.*These baby yoghurt pancakes are so easy to make, you should try them yourselves. We serve them with gloops of sugar free jam and yoghurt (because we rarely have cream in our fridge). To make them you need one cup of self raising flour, one cup of milk and about 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (you could use flavoured yoghurt or grated apple or blueberries, and add cinnamon or nutmeg or vanilla if you like - we do try to not add sugar, as the kids often want to smother them in maple syrup or golden syrup). Stir it all up, it will be like a thick slurry, with some small lumps. Add a tiny bit of melted butter - which means that you shouldn't need to grease the pan, and they shouldn't stick. Then dollop into pan, and cook for a few minutes before you turn. These won't bubble to let you know they're cooked the way that regular pancakes do. The yoghurt adds a lovely texture and flavour.Best enjoyed with loved ones, or on your own for a few quiet moments.
*Related post to come very soon.
PS - thank you for your lovely comments on my skirt from my past post - I'm really loving wearing it, and have plans (wishful thinking) to make some more skirts for our Melbourne trip.


  1. yay! a new post from you!

    your little distractions are adorable. *smile*

    and your work for the sale is LOVELY! oh, i like your things!

  2. Oh, I've already requested that Eleanor and Mary go to the fair for me - and I know they were going anyway! Have fun, raise a cup for me!

  3. I forgot to say:
    On Saturday we'll have a loong happy petalplum breakfast with yogurt pancakes!


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