Sunday, 1 March 2009

using the term loosely.....

I had a little look around our house last night, and now have photo proof that we really do need the 'studio' aspect of our name; Red Seed Studio. Currently, work is in the final day(s) before we pack everything off and deliver to the freight company to take to Melbourne for the Craft Show.
On Friday a friend came to look at some of our pieces - our bedroom was the showroom (and scrap room). Lucky we bought a new doona* cover a few weeks ago (half price, replacing the eight+ year old one we had). Our front entrance room is my sewing, pinning, designing / thinking room. The little spot under my sewing desk always has copious amounts of stray threads, which drift throughout the house, requiring (though not getting!) daily vacuums.Our dining table is the fabric pile + some laundry on it's way from the line outside to the pile inside (which one day in the distant future might make it into the draws and cupboards).
And the loungeroom.... Well, my sister visited today and asked where she could maybe sit down. This is the fabric / printed pieces sorting room, the ironing room, the rearranging room. The"kids don't touch the white fabric please" room.Our backroom is the screenprinting and cutting and pinning and rolling fabric room. And the kid's play room.

And that's all the rooms, except the bathroom and the kid's bedroom - which is the 'can't bear to look in because of the mess' room!

So, I have tonight (until some crazy hour when I finally tumble into bed), and then tomorrow (where I will have to try and distract the kids with similar games to this one from last night - first photo above) to get the final sewing done. Anything that's not finished is simply not finished. We will be able to take a small amount of extra stuff with us in the car, but not a lot.

So, you get to see the mess tonight. Tomorrow (or Tuesday) I will show you the completed pieces. The collection of work that Sam and I have been pouring our hearts, souls, minds, energy, and a few pin-pricked fingers into.

*In Australia the word 'doona' is a general term for duvet or quilt covers. Really it is a brand name, which has made it's way into our vocabulary. Just like the ugg-boot story.


  1. Am so inspired by all you've been doing. it all looks great. Good luck with the shows. Love as always, lea x

  2. oh, i know what you mean about projects taking over the house - and i'm not making enough to do a booth and show and sale with. and the mess . . . yeah . . . we have that around here, too. quite often. but, life has to happen. *smile* i can't wait to hear about how it all goes! good luck and hugs and lots of cheerful wishes to you!

  3. me again . . . i got a most lovely package in the mail yesterday! thank you, thank you, thank you for including the wonderful notebook! what a treat! i love your screenprinting! and the inside pink fabric is so pretty, too! your work is very nice - you should do just swimmingly at your show!

  4. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Totally impressed as always El. It all looks dynamic and active and like it is really HAPPENING!

    It's been a while since I've looked - but Tess and I were talking last night about how you need a proper studio, and then (now) i find this the subject of your latest post.

    Your things look fantastic, even piled all over the floor and couch and ...well, the house. The kids' game looks pretty cool too. All my thoughts and love is with you. Travel safe, good luck at the show.


  5. love your prints Ellie and good luck getting everything ready for the show!!! thanks for your thoughts, I'm doing okay about mum for now(tried a few times to leave a comment but had trouble) Say hi to my good friend fiona from Dear Fii at the show

    loved your skirt too that you made

  6. Thanks for the tour- I really enjoyed seeing your space and what you're up to. It all looks lovely! And good luck with it all!


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