Sunday, 19 April 2009

the cold is creeping in

It's starting to get colder in the mornings now. And we've even been pulling this little blanket over us while we sit on the couch during the evenings.
Winter is slowly slowly approaching.
We are still having some warm, not quite hot, days.
But definitely it is getting cooler now.
Sam swapped our rugs over in the lounge room today. Doesn't it look so warm and cosy in here now.These are some lovely seedpod things that we brought home from our walk the other day. I've loved seeing these pinkish shapes in the trees lately. With the yellow flowers, they look amazing together.
Keep warm. xx


  1. i really enjoy this simultaneous changing of the seasons - i loved watching spring bloom there when fall was coming in here, and now it's the opposite!

    we have had our first warm days and the garden is starting to come to life...

  2. I still haven't got used to the fact of opposite seasons, which Lori puts so well "simultaneous changing". We're having an extraordinary warm April and the idea of summer growing stronger. Keep warm!

  3. Mishi is getting so big I can't believe it. I love that last photo.

  4. i am looking forward to warm - as in summertime warm - here!

    isn't nice that the seasons change? something new to look forward to.


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