Saturday, 18 April 2009

reverse garbage silks

These are a few of the silk swatch books I found the other day.
At Reverse Garbage. Such a great place to go - for the kids and the adults. And for those of you who don't sew or craft or tinker about with things; there is a shop there that sells the wares of some amazingly crafted reversed garbage. Everything in the shop has to be made of a certain % of recycled goods; there's handbags and purses, lots of beautiful jewelery, clothing, softies, and all sorts of other treasures.
These silks are destined to be a new skirt for me - I'm reworking a pair of jeans, which will have some silk panels. Making it all up as I go along, so a bit tentative to cut into this beautiful silk.
Some pieces will be part of my Tote-Bag workshop at Stitches & Craft Show. There'll be hemp / organic cottons and reclaimed pieces for people to have some fun with bag making.
(Bookings here - for our tote workshop + the printing & design workshop. Both should be lots of fun).
Okay - kids have gone to grandparents house. I have a pile of paperwork and receipts to wrangle into some sort of order.

Enjoy your day. It's sunshiney here, after some rain last night. I'm looking forward to day of quiet working.....


  1. what a score. that bottom fabric is awesome - it looks like a book plate or a publisher logo.

  2. What a great find! Love reverse garbage...

  3. what fun fabric!

    try cutting a piece of muslin or an old pillow case and sewing a "mock-up" skirt first. then rip it out and use your "pattern" to cut your silk. :)

    have a lovely sunday!


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