Friday, 8 January 2010

51 versions of me

Holly is doing a new challenge this year, of posting a self portrait of herself each Friday. 52 Fridays - a self portrait challenge.
I've decided that I'm going to try and do this too. I have already missed the first Friday, but that's okay - I think 51 versions of me is enough anyway. You may be lucky and get more or less, depending on how my year pans out. {And if I forget in one week that I said I was going to do this each week!}.

Raw, exposed and real.

And, just so I don't feel all alone - some captured photographic memories of who is here in our house right now at this moment in time.
At 7.23pm on a warmish and still Friday night in January. The bats are calling outside. The story-telling music is playing. And my cousin, Chloe, is reading Mr McGee and the Biting Flee to my two little ones.



  1. Ellie your hair looks so dark have you coloured it over the pics so cute..

  2. Such a great idea - I took a photo just now after reading Holly's blog, let's see if I feel as excited when I look at it in the cold hard light of tomorrow :) Love your group shots, just like the old photo booth ones with all my friends crammed in giggling like mad.

  3. Love those group shots. 51 Fridays, what an interesting idea.

  4. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing you more, and I always enjoy your thoughts! :D

  5. Have you coloured your hair? The dark suits you! You look like a beautiful, old fashioned porcelain doll.
    I love how you've called it versions of you too. I'm so glad you're participating! You should join the flickr group too! I sent you an invite on Flickr :)


  6. Anonymous8:07 pm

    You are looking good El! Nice to see a pic of you.

    Nice to see a pic of the cuz and the neiceys and nepheweys too! Say hi to all next time they're in your house

    Don't think I'll put my portraits in a blog..... Just pics of trees. Check out the Veteran Tree Group blog on blogspot....

    Love you, thinking of you, from down here in Smellbum.
    T (and T)


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