Saturday, 30 January 2010

in the reading chair

Each night at bedtime, this week, I have been reading Wind in the Willows to the kids. There are few pictures in this, mainly writing. Beautiful, lyrical words, tumbling out of my mouth. 
I'm so enjoying reading this to them. They lie quietly in their bunk beds, listening. I read by the light of the illuminated world globe. 
Sitting on my second hand cane chair. With my Red Seed Studio cushions - some new ones that I made for a little photoshoot (for a magazine).

Last night they both fell happily to sleep, listening about Rat and Mole and Toad on the open road, in their canary yellow caravan. 

We have a copy of this version, illustrated by Michael Hague. The dustcover is torn and fallen off, so our cover is a brown cloth with gold lettering. Quite beautiful to hold and read. 

Inside is a note, written with ink and a beautiful hand:

" To Michele, 
                With much love 
                                    January 1981"

{And yes my siblings, I do understand that this means that it is officially my book, but for now it is. For now we are enjoying it, and loving it. As I'm sure you're enjoying and loving other things.}


  1. Anonymous2:08 pm

    you mean officially NOT your book... maybe Ash could read it next in line. Something different to his Willows CDs. And maybe your turn with The Lorax. Xxx

  2. Yes - mis-typed. Officially "not" my book.


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