Tuesday, 4 May 2010

new seed

Here's our seed. My seed of hope. We all talk to it and notice it each day, on our kitchen window sill.

First few day's growth can be seen here.

Above} taken on 28th April.

Above} taken today - 4th May.

** for some reason my camera isn't really wanting to take excellent macro photos of this little one. Perhaps it's the strange angle I have to lean out the window, or that it's raining and grey skies today. Or perhaps, as Sam keeps saying, the camera is old now and isn't really as good as it should be.
Hmmmm..... maybe we should treat ourselves for our birthday coming up later this month? Any suggestions of which camera you love using.


  1. I'm loving my Tamron lens 17-50 at the moment, but I also have problems using it with macro stuff. I mean, it's not a macro lens, so that'd be why. It's great for most other stuff though...

  2. I use a Canon EOS30D with a Sigma 17-70mm lens, although Mat brought home his work 50mm macro lens and an extension tube for me to play with that's interesting but hard work! Lens issues aside I really like the camera although it's freaking heavy and sometimes a point and shoot does the job much more easily!

  3. I love your growth photos , really beautiful !


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