Friday, 30 July 2010

Things for a home

It seems like a lifetime that I have been collecting images and ideas, for when I build my own home. All those endless piles of magazines, and collected clippings, and half-vaguely remembered things I wanted. 
Scattered throughout my current home {in suitcases, and folders and files} and in my mind {lost} and also in my computer.

We are going to look at the land again this weekend. This time without the kids. A proper look. Where we will talk and walk and plan and measure and dream a possible dream. Who knows..... we may have our own piece of wildness in the very near future. {And then the wildness starts when build our own home, and live in a shed for the next five years - showering out of a bucket. Reality!}.

In the meantime, I'm going to start compiling bits and pieces that I really really like. You'll probably start to get the idea that I like wooden homes; timber floors, hardwood doors and windows, big wooden benchtops, tongue-and-groove wall and floorboards, raw exposed timber ceiling..... That's what I grew up in, and really have never wanted anything different. My dad is my dream architect and builder (pity he feels too old, or something, to want to promise to build our home..).

 I love the little holes in the wall for displaying pieces. Though of course, I imagine that it's a pain to clean....

Interesting wall feature. I love semi-floating staircases, with lots of light shining through. Though takes up a lot of space - when you could use the underneath of stairs as storage. {I've once seen a staircase where each step pulled out as a little draw. The higher up you walked the smaller the draws.}

I love love love these shelves. I think would be easy to make and hang. So very me. Okay - I'm getting Sam onto something like that soon as we have a loungeroom to put them in. Must have a roof and floor before we make the furniture. No?

*Images from Hotze Eisma (found on a link from The Red Thread).


  1. Oh I LOVE those shelves too. Do you really need a roof and floor first?!

  2. We have a very nice shed on our block that we live in when we are there. We were sensible enough to set it up really well with a full kitchen and everything we also did it post kids which really helped. And dont knock the bucket bath, when our first campshower died and we swung over to buckets we found it was a lot better. Just make sure you have a bathing enclosure out of the wind ours was tin with a shower curtain stapled on one side and pegs to close it on the other and a great view of the stars though this was tricky when it rained!! But a whole bucket of warm water to yourself stood up on a pedestal soapy flannel to wash yourself and if you are clever a half bucket left to just pour over you. Heaven

  3. Anonymous10:38 am

    am excited for you!!!
    so much to dream with.
    my suitcases, bookshelves and computer heaving with inspiration, beauty and fantasy...
    love love LOVE the shelves!!!
    lea xxx

  4. We are in the midst of living/camping while we build on our land - it is daunting and amazing all at once! I too have a folder full of ideas! Thanks for sharing yours - Shelley


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