Tuesday, 6 September 2011

to stop and look

I was reading an email from my sister Leah. Was talking about stopping and enjoying what you have, instead of always looking for the next biggest, better thing. Something that I'm really trying to work on and do and live. I feel / hope that I am slowly getting better about this.

While sitting at the kitchen table, responding to her email, my boy (home sick from school), at the other end of the table called out "mum, look at the beautiful butterfly". We both stopped and watched the glorious creature flit and flutter about the yard outside our kitchen window.

I love the look of wonder on his face. And the excitement in his voice. Kids are good at making us stop and look and enjoy. And be content with what we have. They are good at looking and observing in a way most adults aren't. I feel ever fortunate to have my children here to help me on my slow down journey.

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  1. Hope little guy is better and I love your beautiful roses and you are right it is a real challenge but you are doing so well!...and butterflies are such a great example of taking the moment to appreciate them they are not there for very long! xx S


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