Wednesday, 16 January 2013


The magnolia is blooming.
I can smell the perfume when I walk outside.
And inside as well, one bloom in a simple vase. Oh - the things that can make one smile and a tear well in my eye too.

A little bee was taking nectar. Full yellow pollen on it's back legs. Oh little bee.

Friday is my mama's birthday. I am thinking I will perhaps bake a cake for her. To think of her. And talk about her with my little ones. Maybe we'll light a candle and smile and cry a little too.

My mama planted this magnolia tree many moons ago. A lifetime ago, in fact. And now here it is, keeping me company in my here and now lifetime.

What things keep you in the past. In a good way. A simple jig to remind me.
What is it that brings a tear and a smile?


  1. I lost my parents a long time ago now. It's become a tradition on our blog that I post a photo or a story on their birthdays - just like your magnolia photos :). My one rule is I have to put some thought into the posts. Which means I start thinking about them before their birthdays, thinking what I might write about, perhaps going through old photos and things they once owned. Good result, because it's nice to have a reason to have them in mind :)


  2. beautiful words. my heart is with you. the magnolia flower is exquisite xxx


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