Wednesday, 15 January 2014

ways to be kind

Things lately haven't been the easiest around here as we may be hoping for. 

Lots of things piling up and sitting solidly in my stomach. And keeping me awake at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am... Finally to fall asleep at 5.30ish as the light comes up. 

I am trying to be kind to myself. To be gentle and soft. To have few expectations of myself. To see the good in the little moments around me.

I haven't felt this tired since.... well maybe since I had Ross River Fever combined with Barmah Forest Virus. Or maybe since I was breastfeeding two children at once... Anyway. Tiredness adds to the overwhelming feeling of everything. 

I know all the things I have to complain about are nothing compared to so so SO many people around this planet of ours. And I know I have to put it into perspective. But sometimes it's ok to mope and feel down as well. 

Things I'm doing to be kind to myself. To find some quiet and peace and simple joy amongst it all. ::
- daily creative. Crochet, weaving, styling and taking photos, writing
- picking flowers for our home
- sticking things on the wall that make me happy to look at
- reminding myself with verbal quotes - visual cues help too
- hugging my kids when they need it and when i need it
- walking outside in the forest and the fresh air
- ignoring the outside noise that keeps pushing in in in to my brain (oh these school holidays really are stretching us to the limit of patience with both children, who will not stop talking or making noice of any sort. And yes- both my kids talk in their sleep!)
- seeing friends and just being with them - creative conversation is sometimes hard to make; it's ok to sit and be together quietly
- telling myself stories and dreams and planning new adventures
- thinking about a little getaway on my own or with my man (boy do we need some time away together!)
- I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses and they have a rosey tint. I've decided I'm looking at life with a rosey hue this year.

What do you do when you need to be kind to yourself? When life is throwing lots of things at you and you are trying hard to stay afloat?


  1. Your blog is one of the reasons I have started blogging again. So lovely, the noise is hard, I really struggle too, Romi yells (mostly happily) ALL DAY I am trying to be more patient, trying to appreciate that she is talking to me but it's hard when you are tired. It looks like you are doing all the right things to be kind to yourself. I think what has helped me is photography, I can do it amongst the chaos and still feel like I am being creative, I am trying to do some hexies too. Xx

  2. Those long nights are the worst! The little squirrels going a million miles an hour as you desperately tell yourself you need to sleep. It's easy to tell yourself it's a first-world problem, or not nearly as bad as some people have it, but that doesn't make it any less stressful does it! I love the things you are doing, they sound fab. I tend to retreat into myself when I'm stressed, read books, get out favourite DVDs, hang out on Pinterest pretending to be creative, and crochet is good too. I know that they aren't always the best solutions because they can encourage not dealing with the stressor, but they do help while I avoid the issue. Sleeping is the best cure, but cruelly, it's the hardest thing to come by when you need it most. Hope things ease up for you soon!

  3. I can completely relate to this Ellie. Your question is a fantastic one and I am stumped about what I do to be kind to myself. Which worries me as surely there is nothing more important than that? I like your list, I am going to spend some time today thinking about this and hope that I do actually have ways I do this and it is just my hot, sleep addled brain that is struggling to recall.

    Lovely to see you back here too.
    Carol x

  4. Life can be pretty overwhelming at times. I find I often have to remind me to be kind to myself too.
    I often find referring back to favourite and inspiring quotes (one reason why I love pinterest) to remind myself of what is really important.
    A lovely post. x

  5. I hope things become less overwhelming very soon, tiredness does make everything just so much more daunting. Like Carol, I don't know what I do either. I tend to wallow in it a bit and get snappy and thats not fair to anyone, so I really need to give some thought to this too, and make time to nurture myself a little. My husband is always telling me so..x


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