Sunday, 27 September 2009


Went to Brisbane Brown Owls meet-up today.
Danielle's the 'goods'!

First we all met at the lovely lovely shop, Nook, which I've mentioned before. This shop has shown itself to be a Brisbane {crafty} must-go-to, each time I go there Michelle has new stock, and new displays. I finally remembered to take my camera - so some photos.
Then a morning of chatting and crafting. What else could a gal wish for? Getting to talk craft with others who get you, and market stalls - so good to have thoughts from other marketeers (and be able to moan about the same things!).
Time without the kids, and without having to think about how long until someone calls and needs them picked up. (My mother-in-law is very very good and thoughtful and caring in that way - combined with the fact that she loves the kids as much {more?} than me!).
So, my craft - well, I have grand plans and ideas of sewing some form of quilt thing for Ari, for his birthday. Silly, silly - I know. His birthday is in one month, and in that time I have 2 markets, and to prepare for another massive market. And of course his party, and all the little things for that (which we'll talk about another time).
But, I read things like this - and get inspiration. And say, oh of course I can do it. And, well I made that little quilt for Mishi, and Ari would love something for himself.
My head is working on something simple, but with major inspiration from this idea here. Check out other links and images here.
So, any helpful inspirational links and thoughts are welcome. Oh, and some prodding and encouragement will most probably be necessary.
I want to give my boy something special that he'll carry with him possibly for the rest of his life.

Also, must note down here. As mostly I forget to record "kid stuff".
A few nights ago Ari was asking me the difference between 'possibly' and 'probably'. He knew, too, what things went with what contexts. Like "mama, would you possibly be able to get off the computer". And "would there ever be a probability of finding an alive dinosaur"; "no darling, but a possibility".
Oh, I'm loving this just-about five year old language development. And understanding - and when I think about it with happiness, I love the attitude and cheekiness that is happening too! 

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